Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chalkboard Store Annual Sale- SCORE!!!!

I just discovered the Chalkboard Store today here in Illinois because I needed to buy some starter Cub Scout gear for my son there.  Well, this was my lucky day since they were running their annual sidewalk sale today only from 9-5pm!  HUGE score on all kinds of Speech and Language materials.  Just thought that I would post this ASAP if anyone else wants to take a trip there.  Obviously, call first and make sure all the stores are running their sale today.  Below are my treasured finds, all of which cost about $50.  The only two items not purchased at the Chalkboard Store are the children's books on the top, right hand side of the picture about winter and bunny senses.  These were .25 each at a library sale that I stumbled upon later today while my son read to the dogs at a library program.

From the left column to the right:
10 Engaging Centers for Basic Skills $5:  Beginning sound boards for /b, k, m, s, t/, word matching, rhyming pictures, and uppercase matching.

Smart Pocket Parts of Speech Cards $3.75:  175 cards total for use with a pocket chart.  Match the picture to the part of speech.

Community Helpers Picture Cards $4: For my community helpers/ careers unit.  Homework papers are on back of each colorful picture scene.

Friendly Farm Sequencing cards $2:  Premade boards for sequencing patterns.  May use these with my colored bear counters or bingo chips.

Cooking Art Book $2.25:  For use with my picky eaters.  Tons of cute meal plans.

Dart board $1.74: Definitely using this for articulation practice.  Say a word, earn a target to throw at the board;)

Package of 6 spinners $3.50: Threw these in a drawer with my dice for game use.

Holiday Fun and Holiday Art Books $2 each: Score!  Adding these to my seasonal lesson plan collections.

How to Make Books with Children Series $2.38:  Includes printables to create books for all the seasons of the year.

Deck of "Where does it Belong?" matching cards $3.25:  Couldn't resist for association drills.

Verb Tenses $6.50: 101 word cards that make 30 different sentences.  Are you kidding me??!!  How great is this?

Package of 36 pre-cut acorns $1.65: Fall card game for opposite/synonym/association matching.

Happy Shopping!

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