Thursday, September 27, 2012

Great Visual Display for Idioms

While contracting in Plainfield, IL at an elementary school, I noticed a handy tool for teaching idioms throughout the school year. I immediately went home and found it on Amazon for $25 plus shipping and made the purchase! My next contract position was in a middle school, so I put the idiom display to use right away and found good success using this with older students. The manufacturer indicates that it is appropriate for third grade and higher.

This vertical, nylon display has two clear pockets, one for the target idiom card and another below for students' artwork. Twenty, two-sided, colorful pictures state both the idiom and a brief interpretation on each. Students must draw a picture that matches the interpretation. The back of the display has another pouch for storage, but I found that it couldn't withstand the weight of my pushpins, so I just stored my picture collection in a materials draw. Overall, it was a great way to quickly target several idioms during the course of a school year and well worth the money!

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