Saturday, September 8, 2012

Promos and Giveaways and Contests, oh my!!

Temporary Facebook Profile Image
for my speech2me page
Well, it finally happened, I created a Facebook page for this blog!  You may have noticed the new, "Like this Blog on Facebook" button on the left hand side here.  Thanks to some fellow bloggers at Simply Speech and Speech Room News, I have this link.  By the way, check out their blogs for some fantastic information!!  My hope for the Facebook page, in addition to linking some of my most popular blog posts, is to help keep parents and professionals up to date about free application offers.  Many of these offers are only available for a day, so keep your eyes peeled.  In the near future, I will also be reviewing some great applications from Mobile Education and offering some promo codes.  The best way to stay in touch about any offers is to "Like" this blog here through the link or go to "speech2me," an educational page on Facebook based out of Naperville, IL, and click the "like" button on the page.  Enjoy and thanks for viewing my blog!!

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