Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sentence Builder Teen app by Mobile Education Store- Review and Give Away

Welcome back to the second half of the Sentence Builder Teen app review and give away!  Like last week's app, Sentence Builder, the teen app was recognized as a 2010 top language arts app!

Sentence Builder Teen by the Mobile Education Store has a similar layout as the Sentence Builder app that was reviewed last week except this app groups some words together in the same selection box; thereby, creating longer sentences.  Like Sentence Builder, there are three levels of play with higher levels providing more choices.  Again, you can track student progress for each level.  I would recommend this app for children aged ten through thirteen years old based on visual images suitable for this population.  The material seems appropriate for pre-teens, as opposed to teenagers.  You can follow the link below to watch a demonstration of Sentence Builder Teen.

Here are some of the great features I enjoyed in the Sentence Builder Teen app!

Sentence Builder Teen:
~ Actual pictures that suit pre-teenage clients
~ Verbal reinforcements sound natural and vary for each picture
~ Tab you can set to repeat the grammatically correct sentence back
~ Multiple levels of play so challenges can be gradually increased
~ Allows you to select a boy or girl pack

My only recommendation would be to increase the challenge in the Sentence Builder Teen app by targeting more compound and complex sentences.  Otherwise, this app is a great support tool for enhancing construction of grammatically correct sentences. 

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As promised, this week's raffle is for Sentence Builder Teen!  Try your luck below!

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  1. CONGRATS to Jordan S. on winning the Sentence Builder Teen app!!

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