Friday, September 21, 2012

Speech2me Makes Local Headlines!

I was recently honored to have been contacted by a freelance writer, Joy Davis, who writes a column for the Naperville Sun, that features local bloggers.  She stumbled upon my site and asked to meet for an interview.   We spent a cozy afternoon at a local Starbucks talking about my career as a Speech Language Pathologist.  I feel so blessed to have found a career that is so rewarding and fun!  I never imagined when I started as a Speech Language Assistant in 1995 in Aurora, Illinois that I would be here, 17 years later, writing a blog, interviewing for a local paper, and starting a thriving speech language practice!  I am humbled and gracious for your support and I am inspired to keep educating the public about my practice!

To see the complete article in the Naperville Sun, follow this link!


  1. Way to go! Good article and I think a nice way to really introduce yourself to maybe a part of the community that might not have been aware of your services. Great work!