Monday, October 8, 2012

Tense Builder app by The Mobile Education Store- Review and Give Away

If you are looking for an exciting way to work on verb tenses, then look no more!  Take a peek at the latest and the greatest new app by the Mobile Education Store.  With two levels of play and a variety of settings, this app will surely please any educational crowd. 

Settings Screen:
The following features can be switched on or off:

Audio Instructions: select to play the same direction on each screen.

Answer Reinforcement: a naturally sounding voice repeats the correct sentence. 

Record Correct Answer: clients work on their own expressive skills and gain auditory feedback by recording their voice reading the accurate sentence.  Also a great option to work on articulation of sounds at the sentence level.  My young examiners LOVED this feature!

Settings further allows for selection of two levels.  Level 1 asks clients to match a sentence to the correct picture in a field of three.  First, you hit the "Play Video" button and then watch a short clip.  The clips are really fun and they contain sound effects that delighted my clients!  Next, you will see one of the scenes from the movie.  Last, you tap the correct picture answer. 

In Level 2, the client must drag the correct verb tense to complete the sentence.  You can select future, present, past, or all verb tenses for either level.  Again, you must first watch an animated video.  While the videos only use sound effects, you may see some word bubbles above characters.  In this level, the word choice you select is said aloud as you begin to drag the word or word phrase to the top of the page to complete the sentence.  I especially like this feature because it allows clients self correct errors.  You can also set how many choices you want to display.  This way, you can start at an easy level with three choices and increase the challenge gradually to as many as seven choices.

Regular/ Irregular Verbs:  Select one or the other to further, fine tune your lesson plans. 

Lessons:  Chose between a "long" or "short" lesson.  Should you hit the "Play lesson" on a picture screen, you will get a lesson about the verb target.  Regardless of which type of lesson you chose, short or long, you will see a visual demonstration with verbal instructions.  Yet another, great feature! 

I have to admit that this is my new, favorite app by this company.  I always have clients on my caseload working on verb tenses and it is hard to find a lively way to teach these challenging concepts.

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Now, try your luck in this raffle for Tense Builder!

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