Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Preposition Builder- Review and Giveaway

Looking for a creative approach to assessing and teaching a wide variety of prepositions?  Are you tired of using the same, old flashcards scattered about the room to teach "over" and "under?"  Then take a look at Mobile Education Store's affordable app, Preposition Builder!
Settings Scr
Let's start with the settings screen.  First, you need to create a new user profile, which will help you track stats efficiently and effectively.  This is such a great feature because it allows you to collect detailed information and even email data.  Next, you can select yes or no for three settings: audio instructions, correct answer reinforcement, and record correct answer.  The instructions will repeat the same direction for each picture, correct answer reads the appropriate answer choice aloud for verbal reinforcement, and recordings allow student to work on expressive language and articulation skills.  Finally, pick one of nine preposition groups to target.  There are a great variety of related prepositions clustered as we (SLPs) would teach them.  Now, you are ready to play and have some fun!

Stats Page

Once you hit the play button, the first picture in a series of 21 will show on the screen.  Above the animation is a sentence with a blank for the preposition.  You need to select the best word choice out of three that completes the sentence and reflects the activity in the picture.  If you pick the right choice on your first try, then you will be given the option to hear the sentence repeated and/ or record the sentence yourself, depending how you set up the home screen.  If you pick the wrong preposition, the target image is quickly removed and an image showing what you selected appears.  After this brief instruction, the original target returns and you are given a chance to select the word choice again.  Even if the correct choice is made at that point, you will see the same image again to ensure comprehension.  Once all preposition targets in the cluster are answered correctly, you earn viewing of a short, video animation.  This reward has been particularly reinforcing for my clients as they can't wait to unlock other groups and watch more video clips!

There is but one, small suggestion that I would recommend and that would be to allow for targeted sentences to be read aloud when tapped.  In fact, some of my clients tried several times to make that happen!!

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Kyle Tomson provided codes to review this app and raffle below; however, all opinions expressed in this review are solely mine. 
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  1. Congrats to Mitch D. on winning the code for the Preposition Builder app!