Sunday, November 25, 2012

Problem Solving During the Holidays

While the holidays can bring cheer to the young and old, these festive times are not without social challenges.  We talk with our children as young as three years old about saying thank you for a toy he or she may already have at home instead of blurting out the wrong response.  During the holiday prep, we try to show our first graders that it is better to give than receive.  Lets not forget our teenagers who are tempted to engage in mischief like throwing snowballs packed with ice at cars.  So, I thought, as I printed and prepped all my cute, bright holiday lesson plans that one, very important plan was missing from my holiday binder: problem solving.

I brainstormed 16 question cards that can be used with any reinforcer, depending on the population.  One option is Jenna of Speech Room News',  Hot Chocolate Open Ended Game Board.  Follow this link for the freebie:

If you have another problem solving task, please share it in the comments section and I will add to this collection.  Thanks!!

Grab your problem solving question cards here:

Addendum 11/30/2012:  Here are four more cards thanks to a comment by Cathy White.


  1. Love this Nanette! So timely and appropriate for the holiday the lipstick example!!lol! I'm writing a post for practicing socially appropriate table manners during the holidays (thought it fit in with my food theme!) Would you mind if I link your post?? Looking to post later in week if time permits! Will be using your cards with my older kiddos this week---great for any age really! Rose (

  2. Thanks for the hard work!! One thing my clients have difficulty with is buying/chosing appropriate gifts for others. They tend to think that their parents and sibilings have the same interests that they have. For example, one of my teens thought his mom would like a video game for Christmas but when I asked him if she plays video games he said "no" but that he wanted a new game. :)

    1. Thank you, Cathy for the great ideas!! I will make up a couple more cards about buying appropriate presents for others;)