Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Question Craft

This year, I find myself working as a Speech Pathologist in a Catholic School and co-teaching religious education classes for our son's first grade class.  Given that I have clearance in both places to talk about God and Jesus, I thought I would put together a fun lesson plan that incorporates my faith.  I also added a section in case you are not talking about the Catholic religion in your settings.

Each section, religious and secular, has 10 questions pertaining to Christmas.  For each question answered accurately, students earn a strip that eventually creates a Christmas tree.  There are a few options for this craft:
  1. Print a colored picture of a Christmas tree, cut it into strips and students make and take these home.
  2. Follow step one above, but laminate and magnetize strips for students to assemble trees on cookie sheets.  This option allows you to reuse the craft.
  3. Go to this site I found on Pinterest to make your trees.  Again you can laminate or opt to send projects home.

I opted for option number 3, but I used scrapbooking paper from Walmart instead of construction paper.  I made small trees for my younger students and put magnets on the back for use with a cookie sheet.  In addition, I created larger trees for older students to assemble on a table. 

Small trees with magnets on cookie sheets
and larger trees in Ziploc bags.

Grab your list that includes directions, religious and secular questions here!

 Merry Christmas!

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