Monday, January 14, 2013

Help Support a FABULOUS Developer with Your Vote!!

I recently posted some links on my Speech2me Facebook page so you could go and vote for two of Mobile Education Store's great apps, Rainbow Sentences and Conversation Builder Teen.  Rainbow Sentences is nominated for best education app, while Conversation Builder Teen is up for Best Middle School app.  In case you missed the Facebook message, here are the links to go and vote for each individually:

Looking for more detailed information about these apps?  Head over to my posts about my top 15 iPad apps and review post of Conversation Builder Teen. 

I am among the many Speech Pathologists who holds these and many other apps by Mobile Education Store with high regard!  The developers are great are putting together apps that really coincide with educational goals.  My clients are very reinforced by the incentives and visuals used in both Rainbow Sentences and Conversation Builder Teen.  Thank you for taking a moment to review and vote for these winning apps!

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