Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mneemo- A Memory Game App that allows YOU to upload images!

If you follow SLP bloggers, then you might have noticed some buzz about this relatively new app by Pedro Rico, Mneemo.  A dynamic duo husband and SLP wife team put together this handy, memory app that comes loaded with sample images and allows you to load your own photos.

The pre-loaded images include the following: letters numbers, animals, and shapes.  You have the option of selecting the level of difficulty by choosing to match as few as 4 pairs or as many as 12 for these pre-set categories.

Uploading your own photos from your iPad is quick and easy!  You can rotate images and create your own categories.  I loaded some that my 7 year old would enjoy from our visits to Chicago.

When picking images to load, try and mimic what the developer did with the animals group, and use photos where the focal image stands out by limiting as much background distraction as possible.  I found that as I generated concentration games with 10 pairs, it was somewhat difficult to see the smaller pictures that had busier backgrounds.

As a Speech Therapist, I would use this app to load seasonal photos that coincide with my thematic units.  Other SLPs have suggested creating articulation and various grammar categories, like verb tenses and pronouns.  The possibilities seem limitless!  I could see using this app as a prize or incentive clients can earn for completing speech and language tasks.

Overall, I really liked this very affordable ($.99 at iTunes), easy to set-up, functional app!  I would suggest that the developers expand the options by adding a feature that allows you to record labels for images to address articulation and expressive vocabulary.  

The generous developers have provided me with 3 promo codes for Mneemo.  Take a moment to enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this handy app!

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  1. I love making memory games for things within the same category!

  2. Shapes and colors for my younger students!

  3. I can think of culture specific memory type pictures for the Navajo children I serve.