Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine Idiom Cards for Upper Elementary Clients

Just spent some of my winter break prepping lessons for the next two months of school and realized that I really needed a Valentine plan for my upper elementary students that would encourage some conversations.  So, I decided to make flashcards of idioms and common sayings that have to do with the "heart," "love," and even the color "red."  I used my classroom publisher software and free graphics from the TpT seller below to create 20 flashcards.  I really liked the graphics as they seemed appropriate for upper elementary students.

Follow this link for my FREE Valentine Idiom Cards

I already picked up a few, small, Valentine gift boxes and a bag of mini, plastic heart table decor from the dollar store.   I plan on having students collect a heart token in their box as they answer questions correctly.  Rather than counting the tokens to see who has won the game, I will try having them use some other senses, like feeling which box seems heavier or listening for the box that makes more noise when shook.

If you use this lesson, tell me what you think!  What age group/ grade level enjoyed the activity?