Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Themed Activities for Speech & Language Sessions

Although lent feels like it is taking FOREVER this year (especially since I gave up chocolate), Easter is just around the corner!  Our school has spring break starting 3/25, so this coming week is the only opportunity I have for my Easter themed sessions.  I think I found a great activity for my upper elementary clients and I wanted to share it with all of you!  The theme is Easter/ bunny idioms and all you will need are the following:

Plastic eggs
Permanent marker
Small pieces of paper to fit in the eggs
Small Easter basket
List of idioms

First, I collected a list of idioms and silly sayings.  Here are the ones that I used:
You have egg on your face.
The grass is always greener in someone else's yard.
She was hopping mad.
Chicks rule!
Don't spill the beans.  (As in jelly beans)
I've got candy coming out of my ears!
Grinning from ear to ear. ( As in bunny ears)
You crack me up!
She was egging him on.
Some bunny special.
24 carrot
He is always hopping on the bandwagon.
Wild hare.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
He is all ears when we talk about Minecraft!
Goes in one ear and out the other.
Walk on eggshells around her.
Good egg.

I used the permanent marker to write an idiom or saying on each egg.  Next, I took some green paint color papers and cut them up to fit inside the eggs.  On one side of the paper, I wrote the meaning for the idiom and on the other I marked how many points I thought the definition was worth.  Following the egg hunt, I will have students try and interpret the meanings, and then check to see if they got it correct.  If so, students can tally the number of points earned to derive a winner.

For my younger clients, I stumbled upon a super cute egg hunt using foam letters to spell out words on Pinterest.   Follow this link for more details!

I had foam letters, a basket, and carrot shaped eggs that I had purchased at the Dollar Tree a couple months ago.  For my Kindergartners and First graders working on articulation, I plan to fill each egg with the letters that will formulate words with their target sounds.  All students will participate in the egg hunt and collect eggs as a group.  Then, we will open all the eggs at the table and match the letters to pre-written words on paper.  Students can take these home for target practice over the break.  A good friend of mine suggested doing this activity with our own children in the first through second grades by giving them a clue or riddle to solve in place of the pre-written words.  For example, after the egg hunt we will tell the kids that this is the name of the person who rose from the dead on Easter.  As a group, they will need to spell out the word: Jesus.  Of course, we also plan to fill TONS of eggs with candy too, but this will be a nice game for our three kiddos to enjoy together.

Finally, I have some stickers that I purchased a few years ago from Oriental Trader that allow you to decorate your own Easter eggs.  I thought that I would use this with some of my younger clients during articulation drills and have them earn decorations after producing targeted sounds.

I also have a CUTE, FREEBIE that I printed to use with my fluency and language clients.  Go to this Speechie's blog for an open-ended game board!

Hope these ideas can help you with planning your lessons this week!  Happy Easter!


  1. Cute! Can I come and play? This week looks like its going to be a fun one!!!! Great ideas,and I am looking for some so...thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Maria! You are always welcome to come and play, but I think you'd be disappointed with the weather here compared to your neck of the woods;)

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