Monday, April 1, 2013

Speech FlipBook by Tactus Therapy Ltd.- Review and Giveaway!

The word is out:  Speech FlipBook by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd. has rapidly become a sort after app for speech therapists!  This app is a handy little collection of consonant, clusters, and vowel sounds using words only.   Pictures are not included because the developers felt that children would use their pre-formed plans for the words rather than focus on the sounds.  Guess what, they were right!  I recently had a chance to review it with one of my clients working on phonological therapy goals.  Prior to using this app, I showed this first grader pictures for his /s/ cluster targets and he had particular difficulty with the /sp/ cluster.  We used the Speech FlipBook targets while playing a board game with his peers and he was 90% accurate! 

I was so excited about the results that I showed Speech FlipBook to the reading specialist at our school.  She in turn was delighted to hear about Speech FlipBook and will likely purchase the very affordable, $4.99 app for her iPads.  Incidentally, Speech FlipBook is available at iTunes and is also compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad Mini.  Before you make a purchase, try your luck at the raffle for a code at the end of this review.

I recommend setting the menus for your targets and playing around with Speech FlipBook before you introduce it to your clients.  There are a variety of settings including: choosing between uppercase, lowercase, or IPA fonts for the Flipbook case or the word case within the Flipbook; hearing and/or visually seeing pages turn; allowing VC, CV, V, or CVC only stimulus; and using real and/or unreal words.  Definitely helped to play around with the settings a bit before my client tried it out.  This gave me a chance to flip through all targets.  There is a settings link too that allows you to remove certain word targets if you would rather exclude specific ones from sessions.

Speech FlipBook is fairly easy to use since all sounds are neatly categorized.  Below is a screenshot of a menu page.  Notice the tabs on the bottom that direct you to these various sound groups.

Initial Sounds
Initial Clusters
Final Sounds
Final Clusters

I selected the /sp/ target for my client, so I only highlighted that sound for our drill.  That's all there is to it!  Since I really wanted to focus on /sp/ in initial clusters, I did not highlight any clusters in the final position.  I did want every possible vowel combination, except vocalic /r/.

Words written at the bottom can be hidden so you would only see the phonetic layout for words.  I decided to keep this feature on and it didn't seem to interfere with my client's ability to read the targets.  The reading specialist liked having both options visual too!  The little red button in the lower left hand corner is the record feature.  I chose not to have my client record his responses, but you can certainly do this if you need to work on improving self rating skills.

Like many of my fellow SLP bloggers, I was pleased and very impressed with Speech FlipBook and would only like to see a data collection feature added.  At the least, it would be helpful to include an accuracy tab so you can quickly grab a score at the end of the session as opposed to writing down tallies.

Disclosure:  The generous folks at Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd. supplied codes for me to review this app and hold a raffle.  No other compensation was provided and opinions here are completely unbiased.

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  1. I would use this app with several groups of students who are demonstrating ongoing articulation and phonological process difficulties.

  2. I have several groups I would use this app with - kids with articulation disorders and kids who need practice with phonics and decoding.

  3. I use this with my kids with speech disorders

  4. I would use this with my elementary students with articulation delays.

  5. I think this app looks great! I would use it with my artic kiddos and with my kids who are hearing impaired.

  6. I would use this app for my community speech students and all my other students working on articulation .

  7. I would use this with my artic kiddos as a new form of motivation. They so bored using the same old cards over and over.