Monday, August 12, 2013

Speech-Language Literacy Bin

This summer has lent itself to some nice, quiet time so I have been able to explore Pinterest often!  My exploration has inspired me to compile a "Speech-Language Literacy Bin" using books that I already have but creating some manipulatives to facilitate learning.  To date, I have put together about 10 units, most of which include materials I found online.  I also put my own spin on some projects.  This post introduces my favorite unit in this collection for preschoolers and kindergartners.

I am really excited with how well the Chicka, Chicka ABC set came out, especially since the total cost for materials came to a whopping $2 at the local dollar store!  I already had a roll of clear contact paper and magnet strips at home to help assemble the set.  Below are details if you would like to make your own.

First, I found a cookie sheet and packet of ABC magnet letters at the dollar store.  Next, I located a template at for the coconut tree.  Last, I printed the template, laminated the tree, and applied magnets to the back of the pieces.  You could also use Velcro and a felt board, but I find magnets to be less expensive.

I decided to keep the tree in separate pieces to work on following directions with my groups by dividing up the pieces and directing individual students to place the trunk in the middle of the cookie sheet and put a palm on the top left/right side of the tree.  I also imagine passing out ABC magnet letters to the group and having them attend to when their letters are called out in the story and then try to place the letter in a similar position as it is in the book.  Another option would be to have students either produce the sounds in isolation or identify the letters when presented with sounds.  You can always add or adapt the instruction depending on age and ability of participants.  This was already a fun book that you can read with a fantastic rhythm.  Now, my book has some hands on fun too!

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