Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lego Snowman Reinforcer

Recently, I spent some time catching up on all those pins that I have on my Winter Pinterest board and I stumbled upon a cute, Lego craft.  When you have a nine year old at home, there is always a decent collection of Legos at hand.  This particular pin showed how to build a Lego snowman in a few, easy steps.  Some of the pieces were a bit challenging to find, so I asked my expert, Lego builder to create a simple snowman for me.  I think he did a pretty cool job, don't you?

Here's how I have been using this quick activity in my private speech practice:

1) practicing articulation sound targets while earning a brick
2) sequencing the numbers to stack and create the snowman
3) following directions using size concepts (small, medium, large)
4) sorting colors/ sizes
5) discussing things you need to decorate a snowman (hat, sticks)
6) using EET to describe a snowman

This activity has been a huge hit with my first through fourth grade clients.  Maybe I will employ my little, Lego creator to put together more of these seasonal combinations.  I hear he works for m & m's!  Suggestions for the next project are welcome!

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