Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gobble up Holiday Goodies

Gobble Gobble!  The Frenzied SLPs are back with a round up of Turkey Day activities.  Be sure to check in and "like" our Facebook page so you won't miss out on our linky parties, twice monthly!!

I'm sure many of you are working somewhere right up until Thanksgiving Day.  My private practice is open through the day before Turkey Day and I have some fun, festive, and functional activities planned for the short week.

First up is my Play dough tray.  Remember that post way back in October when I talked about making orange Play dough?  Well, we are still going strong using the same dough this month to make turkeys.  I've seen so many fabulous pins on Pinterest of Play dough trays, so I grabbed a tray at the Dollar Tree and put my own spin on the contents.  I used what I had in my arts and craft bin and spent a little money on some fancy leaves and alphabet letters.  We have been working on requesting, commenting, and following directions while making unique turkeys.  Some have used the Popsicle sticks to make legs, while others took pipe cleaners and those fancy leaves to make feathers.  The Popsicle sticks have also come in handy for cutting the dough.  Hands down, this activity has been highly preferred among many (including caregivers.)

Next, is my brand new, sorting pie from Learning Resources What better way to prepare for Thanksgiving than to sort some fruit into a pie?  I love that the game came with two sets of tongs for choice making and several choice boards for matching colors, objects, or numbers.  My clients aged 2 though 7 enjoyed requesting more, naming colors, commenting, and matching objects to pictures using this super, cute pie.

Another new hit this holiday season has been my paper tablecloth.  I scored this find while looking for Halloween clearance items at Target.  My younger clients have been coloring while listening to auditory bombardment lists containing target speech sounds while my older clients have been playing tic tac toe or earning a chance to color as a reward for completing work.

What's a speech and language session without some pretend play time?  I paired my farm house with Fisher Price Thanksgiving pieces to talk about sitting at the table, eating, and bringing food from the farm to the dinner table by wagon.

Last year, I purchased a collection of interactive Thanksgiving books from Jenna at Speech Room News and once again, I have found so many great opportunities to incorporate literacy into my sessions.  This collection contains books that target action words, commenting about likes and dislikes, and other thematic vocabulary.  I have used these colorful books to engage busy toddlers, assist in sentence completion tasks, and promote answering questions about action words using speech generating devices.

Finally, I purchased a 
turkey comprehension and vocabulary bundle from my frenzied colleague Mia at Putting Words in Your Mouth.  This item is brand new in her store and my middle school clients have loved them!  The readings are short and sweet and each packet contains comprehension questions, defining vocabulary words in context, and comparing and contrasting.  

These are a few of our favorite activities at Naperville Therapediatrics!  Don't forget to follow these links for more fresh, creative ideas.  Wishing all of you a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. Such great ideas! My little ones (and older ones!) would love the playdough idea.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Love the play dough turkeys and the paper tablecloth! I'm loving your private practice!

  3. I also used the Dollar Tree tray - will have to try play dough next time!
    All Y’all Need

  4. Always such wonderful activities. They are fun and rich with language. I bought two of those tablecloths years ago. They are so large I still get to use them every year!