Sunday, May 20, 2018

Fun and Functional Carryover Work for Speech and Language Goals

It has been quite a "frenzied" school year between my home office visits and telepractice hours in California and Indiana that I have not linked up with my peeps since last school year!  Ironically, when I volunteered to be part of this blog hop, I didn't know that the organizers would pick a topic that I was already in the process of editing.  Although I do not have a school caseload, I am often asked by my online caregivers to suggest some speech and language summer homework.  While I like calendar versions, these can take some time to personalize for each client, so I decided to give my original, summer homework pages a face lift.

I live and breath by fun and functional speech and language activities, so I created these FREE handouts to mirror that motto.  Below are articulation and language versions for each month.  Every carryover page includes 12 speech/language tasks for practicing carryover of target sounds/language skills acquired during the school year.  The only edit that you will need to make is filling in the target sound on the articulation papers.  Some of the tasks are duplicates, but all are simple and easy enough to complete within minutes during the week.  I searched the Internet for free, clip art and used one for each lesson plan as a reward.  Who doesn't love a sticker, right?

I hope that these summer carryover plans make your speech life a little bit easier!  Be sure to visit the other blogs below for more summer ideas.  Enjoy!!

June Articulation 

June Language

July Articulation

July Language

August Articulation 

August Language 


  1. Really cute reward pictures at the end of each 'lesson'! Who doesn't love a freebie? :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful summer lesson plans. You're the best!